Wednesday, September 17, 2003

FeedDemon Beta
This is a very interesting tool from Nick Bradbury who created HomeSite. This is a great tool for tracking all the blogs that are syndicated.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Serials for MS office and files
Oracle iProjects

Access here is to projects underway at Oracle.
andrewcripps, pooh's friend plus one.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Benorama :: ColdFusion MXColdFusion best practices.
Blue Dragon is still here deploying CF on .Net or J2EE
Montara Releases Black Knight Extension to CF

So now you can create CF extensions using .Net objects.
Welcome to GoLiveHeaven
Good GoLive site
Microsoft Outlook for the web is constantly asking for a file data1.msi from the Microsoft Office SR-1 Professional CD. Why?
The proposal is to use eClinic. There are some questions about eClinic that I would like answered please.

- What is the architecture of eClinic?
- Can you explain the client/server architecture for pathology requests?
- You state that the eClinic application is built using servlets, ColdFusion, PHP and Perl. Can you say percentage-wise how much of each language you use, and how you allocate the language to the functionality or to the architecture? For example, do you use servlets primarily for business logic, or have your built your business logic in PHP?
- What is required to be installed at an order site, a specimen site, and at a laboratory? What java applets are used? What do they communicate with? Do you have a Win32 client or is a browser sufficient?

- Does the Vitiris Lab Envoy product that is part of eClinic map inbound XML messages directly to database tables and columns?
- What is the structure of eClinic's data? Does it implement the HL7 RIM?
- Which database platforms does eClinic run on?
- How many tables do you have?
- What is your approach to auditing?
- Does your application permit deletion of data? How is that done?
- What is the relationship with Triple G's Ultra application? How does eCLinic interface with this product?

- How would patient consent information be stored in the model?
- Does your application provide a mechanism for one doctor to share results with another doctor?
- Do you use stored procedures in your database? For what purpose?

- How does your application validate order data?
- What data structures do you use to hold data that have been submitted?
- What data structures do you use to hold data that have been retrieved from the database?
- Have you deployed your application on multiple ColdFusion servers that are load-balanced?
- How does your application handle de-duplication of patients? Is Master-Patient Index functionality built in?

- How are transactions managed? How does the application roll back a transaction that fails?

- What is the internal interface, and what components communicate, with Vitiris Lab Envoy?
- Does your application perform any terminology services? Can the terminology of one hospital be maintained, but the data stored in a consistent, neutral manner?

- Can batch orders for tests be placed? If so, how are they processed? Which components break the batch request down into individual transactions?

- How does eClinic match results with requests and with specimen data?

The other middleware product of interest is Chameleon from
Interesting integration broker:
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