Monday, August 09, 2004

Using the Flash Remoting service with JRun 4 > Saving your Java application files for Flash Remoting
For standard Java classes, including JavaBeans, you put the classes under jrun_root/servers/jrun_server/SERVER-INF. Loose classes go in a classes subdirectory and jarred classes go in a lib subdirectory; the classes are available server-wide. By default, Remoting doesn't have access to classes in a web application, but you can put the Flash Remoting JAR file in a web application and add a servlet mapping to the web application's web.xml file. You can also place Java classes in the jrun_root/lib directory if you want them to be available to the entire JRun installation. Note also that when you do put classes under a WEB-INF directory, loose classes go in WEB-INF/classes and jarred classes go in WEB-INF/lib.